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Thank you for your interest in MJC Optical Technology.

MJC Optical Technology, established in 1991, specializes in design and development of custom optics-based and fiber-optics-based sensors and test systems and in development of custom technical and scientific software. Our contribution to the success of a client's project can include evaluation and numerical modeling of sensing technologies, integration of sensors into a client's instrumentation, development of custom sensors and test systems, as well as development of custom software.

We offer a comprehensive skill mix and experience at all stages of design and development of optical sensor systems, and custom software, as well as a flexible range of services. Please visit the Services and Expertise pages for more detail.

Please also visit the Publications page for technical notes, tutorials, literature guides and data, as well as the Products page for a list of our data processing software.


Key words

This site contains documents for which the following key words are relevant:

Optical sensing technology

Turbid media. Radiation transfer. Attenuation of light. Scattering of light. Absorption of light. Turbidity. Opacity. Optical density. Light scattering measurements. Volume scattering function. Scattering phase function. Scattering matrix. Mueller matrix. Polarized light scattering. Bidirectional reflectance. Measurement of absorption in turbid media. Concentration of material in suspension and solution.

Suspension. Aerosol. Hydrosol. Particle size distribution. Log-normal size distribution. Particle size analysis. Refractive index. Immersion refractometry. Particle shape. Particle structure. Particle characterization. Particle size analysis.

Imaging in turbid media. Image transfer. Point Spread Function (PSF). Modulation Transfer Function (MTF)

Optical sensors

Design of optical sensors. Development of optical sensors. Modeling of optical sensors. Optical sensor system integration. Custom instruments. Custom test systems. Turn-key sensor systems. Electro-optics systems. Optical fiber testing. Optical fibre testing. Nephelometer.

Light detection systems. Detection system optimization. Photodiode interfacing. Photomultiplier interfacing. Current-to-voltage converter. Synchronous detection. Lock-in amplifier. Photon counting. Weak-light detection. Low-light detection.

Characterization of materials. Nondestructive testing. Non-destructive testing. Defect detection. Process control.

Custom software

Numerical models. Numerical modeling. Numerical modelling. Simulation. Data processing. Data archival. Database systems.

Numerical algorithms. Recursive algorithms. Bessel functions. Spectral methods. Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Fast Hankel Transform (FHT). Statistical analysis. Least-squares approximation. Peak detection.

Light scattering by a homogeneous sphere (Mie theory). Light scattering by a coated sphere. Fitting of experimental volume scattering function (Fournier-Forand model). Monte Carlo (MC) modeling. Monte Carlo modelling. Imaging in turbid media.

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