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Spreadsheet LNDVIEW for viewing log-normal components of a particle size distribution

"LND and LNDVIEW made it very easy to analyze particle size distribution data ..."
Dr. Katarzyna Bradtke, Department of Oceanography, Gdansk University


This Microsoft Excel™ spreadsheet conveniently automates tasks related to viewing results of log-normal decomposition of a particle size distribution by program LND. The spreadsheet is operated by using a simple "control panel" (Fig. 1). Data from a results file selected with a standard Excel™ "Open File" dialog are imported automatically into appropriate sections of the spreadsheet and prepared for viewing in a graph. A component set can be conveniently selected with a mouse for graphing and reporting.

LNDVIEW_2007 control panel
Fig. 1. A screen shot of the LNDVIEW "control panel".


A pre-set graph shows log-normal components and the original data. A formatted report (Fig. 2) with conveniently arranged log-normal coefficients along with the component set data and the graph of the selected component set can also be easily printed.

LNDVIEW_2007 Report sheet
Fig. 2. A screen shot of the LNDVIEW report sheet with a graph of a sample particle size distribution decomposed into log-normal components. The particle size distribution data (black squares in the graph): courtesy of Dr. Katarzyna Bradtke, Department of Oceanography, Gdansk University, Gdansk, Poland.


When working with a batch of particle size distribution files you can also use a simple utility program for automated (batch) selection of the best set of component for each distribution.

Input data

A text file with log-normal decomposition data.

Output data

The spreadsheet can print a formatted report as discussed in the Function section. The user can also use Excel™ menu functions to copy any portion of the spreadsheet to another spreadsheet or export the selection as a text file.


Microsoft VBA for Excel™ 95.

System requirements

This spreadsheet uses about 190 kB. Microsoft Excel™ 95 is required to run it.

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