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Program LND for log-normal decomposition of particle size distributions

"LND and LNDVIEW made it very easy to analyze particle size distribution data ..."
Dr. Katarzyna Bradtke, Department of Oceanography, Gdansk University.


This program scans a particle size distribution data set with a data window of variable width looking for log-normal components of the distribution. Once the components are found and their coefficients are determined, the user can select the best set of coefficients of log-normal components manually from the program output file. A companion program LNDVIEW makes it easy to select a set of components, as well as view and print a graph of log-normal components for a size distribution. For more detail on the LND program please refer to the program help file.

The original version of this program was used in research described in the following paper:

Jonasz M. and Fournier G. F. 1996. Approximation of the size distribution of marine particles by a sum of log-normal functions. Limnology and Oceanography 41: 744-754.

Following publication of that paper, we discovered a non-critical error in the LND program. This error has been corrected and we have re-calculated the entire data set discussed in the paper with the corrected version of the LND. As a result, some numerical values listed in the original paper have slightly changed. For detail please see

Jonasz M. and Fournier G. F. 1999. Approximation of the size distribution of marine particles by a sum of log-normal functions (Errata: Corrections and additional results. Limnology and Oceanography 44: 1358.

The LND program can be modified to allow decomposition of a size distribution or similar data set into components other than log-normal. Such modifications are not included in this offer.

A sample decomposition of a particle size distribution in seawater is shown below. Thin lines represent the various log-normal components. The points represent the data (kindly provided by Dr. K. Kranck and Dr. T. Milligan; these data were obtained with a Coulter counter) and the thick line is the resulting approximation of the size distribution.

{LND example}

Input data

  • List of data files to be processed (a text file)
  • Particle size distribution files (text files)

Data can be processed in interactive and batch modes. List of data files is not required in the interactive mode, the user can select a file through an "open file" dialog.

Output data

Three coefficients for each of up to 12 components of a particle size distribution are stored in a text file which is named automatically by the program according to the name of the input file for the distribution.


C++ for Windows.

System requirements

Win 95/98/ME/NT. This program uses 610 kB of RAM.

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