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Owner's profile

{MJ photo} Dr. Miroslaw Jonasz (m.jonasz@mjcopticaltech.com) obtained his Ph.D. degree in physics in 1980 (Polish Academy of Sciences). Before founding his firm in 1991, he held research positions at the Polish Academy of Sciences, Stockholm University (Sweden), and Dalhousie University (Canada). He also held senior R&D engineering positions at Technicon Instruments Corporation (USA), a major manufacturer of optics-based clinical instrumentation.

Dr. Jonasz has over 26-years experience in design and development of optical instrumentation in academic and industrial environments. He has comparable experience in development of computer software for numerical modeling and simulation, as well as software for analysis and archival of experimental data.

Dr. Jonasz is the author of over 40 scientific and technical publications.

Significant refereed publications

Kitamura R., Pilon L., Jonasz M. 2007. Optical constants of silica glass from extreme ultraviolet to far infrared at near room temperature. Appl. Opt. 46, 8118-8133.

Jonasz, M., Fournier G., and Stramski, D. 1997. Photometric immersion refractometry: a method of determining the refractive index of marine microbial particles from beam attenuation. Appl. Opt. 36: 4214-4225.

Jonasz, M. and Fournier, G. 1996. Approximation of the size distribution of marine particles by a sum of log-normal functions. Limnol. Oceanogr. 41: 744-754.

Jonasz, M. 1990. Volume scattering function measurement error: effect of angular resolution of the nephelometer. App. Opt. 29: 64-70.

Jonasz, M. 1987. The effect of nonsphericity of marine particles on light attenuation. J. Geophys. Res. C13: 14637-14640.

Jonasz, M. 1987. Nonsphericity of suspended marine particles and its influence on light scattering. Limnol. Oceanogr. 32: 1059-1065.


Books and book chapters

Jonasz, M., Fournier, G. R. 2007. Light scattering by particles in water: Theoretical and experimental constraints. Academic Press, San Diego, CA, USA, 714 pp. [book info, errata

Jonasz M. 2005. Light sources and detectors. In: Handbook of Measuring System Design. Sydenham P. H., Thorn R. (eds.) Wiley, Chichester, UK, pp. 593-602.

Jonasz, M. 1991. Size, shape, composition and structure of microparticles from light scattering. In: Methods of particle size analysis, J. P. M. Syvitsky (ed.), Cambridge University Press, New York, p. 143-162.


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